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Colombelle Vin de Pays Des Cotes De Gascogne 2007

When it comes to taste, the more prominent flavor in the thin-bodied Colombelle Gascogne Blanc has to be grapefruit, resulting in an acidic and biting taste that could easily be unpleasant to some wine drinkers. It's dry and quite tart but clean with a reasonable length; however, you'll really have to decide what you think about the grapefruit flavor - for some people it should be a refreshing change of pace, but others will be turned away with one sip.

Chateau Bonnet Entre-Deux-Mers Blanc 2007

The taste of the Château Bonnet Blanc is a combination of citrus fruits like lime and grapefruit with mild herbs. The addition of the herbal notes certainly reduces the strong citrus flavors which can characterize some white wines. Relatively dry with a medium body, it has a marked level of acidity and isn't too sweet. Overall it's fairly well balanced, as has been the case with previous vintages of this blended white wine.

Kendall Jackson 2007 Chardonnay, Vintner's Reserve

A refreshing, medium-dry Chardonnay, the 2007 Vintner's Reserve has apple and pear flavors in a round, balanced feel. It finishes relatively quickly and cleanly but a smooth, buttery sensation. It's not at all grassy like some Chardonnays but it is more acidic that a 2006 vintage we tried at the same time — then again, maybe the 2006 has simply mellowed after an extra year. I you prefer a less acidic Chardonnay, you might want to let the bottle sit for a few months.

Wishing Tree 2006 Unoaked Chardonnay

Dry with marked acidity, the Wishing Tree's 2006 Unoaked Chardonnay is characterized by sharp fruit flavors including citrus, tropical fruit, and even pear. All of the fruit flavor is up front, though, and it ends on a more buttery note.

Cline Cellars California Zinfandel, 2007

Cline Cellars' California Zinfandel is a dry red wine that tastes about like what you might expect from a Zinfadel. Many, though, regard this Zinfadel as much too fruity - it's common to see it described as even being jammy because of the strong fruit flavors. If you're looking for a fruity Zinfadel, this will work well. On the down side, there is a strong medicinal tastes that appears up front which can be unpleasant.

55 results - showing 51 - 55 « 1 ... 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 »
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