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Ravens Wood Vintners Blend Chardonnay 2007

Like the aromas, the flavors of the Ravens Wood Vintners Blend Chardonnay are primarily citrus but there is also some apple combined with spice and butter. It's dry, but the acidity is lively. The oak characteristics of this full-bodied Chardonnay are unmistakable, but not too strong so this is one Chardonnay that might appeal to both fans of oaky Chardonnays and those who would prefer something unoaked. There is a noticeable alcohol burn when the Ravens Wood Vintners Blend Chardonnay gets a bit too warm, so pay attention to the temperature when you serve and drink this white wine.

San Giuseppe Original Pink Pinot Grigio Veneto 2007

There are slight floral flavors in San Giuseppe's Pink Pinot Grigio that leave a nice tingling in the mouth. This light-bodied rosé is dry with a marked, lively acidity that is refreshing to drink in most circumstances. It's unquestionably drier than San Giuseppe's regular Pinot Grigio.

Pink Truck California Pink Wine, 2007

There's a great combination of berry, strawberry, and even a bit of orange flavors here. The The Pink Truck California 2007 has very soft tannins and very little acidity. Overall the balance between sweetness and dryness is fairly even, perhaps just a little on the sweet side. This makes the wine well-suited to a wide variety of foods and social situations. It's medium bodied with a very short length, making it an easy-going wine and very approachable.

Delheim Pinotage Rose, 2008

The clean, positive aromas of the Delheim Pinotage is filled with fresh red fruits, some pears, and maybe even a little melon. As with the aromas, the flavors of the Delheim Pinotage are primarily strawberries and red fruits. The acidity creates a clean, crisp finish and an overall nice balance. This medium-bodied wine isn't too dry or too sweet, making a good wine for a lot of different dishes and occasions.

8 results - showing 1 - 5 1 2
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