Red Wine Reviews & Tasting Notes

Red Wine Reviews & Tasting Notes

What do different red wines taste like? With all of the different red wine options out there, which wine should you buy? Is an expensive red wine really that much better than a cheap red wine? Does it really matter which type of red wine you have with which food?


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Paul Jaboulet Aine Parallèle 45, 2006

Parallèle 45 is a fairly dry wine with a medium body and rounded tannins. The Grenache grapes provides fruit flavors up front while the Syrah creates a peppery edge to finish. The dry fruitiness makes it seem almost tart in comparison to other dry red wines, but it may be too dry for some people's tastes.

Cline Cellars California Zinfandel, 2007

Cline Cellars' California Zinfandel is a dry red wine that tastes about like what you might expect from a Zinfadel. Many, though, regard this Zinfadel as much too fruity - it's common to see it described as even being jammy because of the strong fruit flavors. If you're looking for a fruity Zinfadel, this will work well. On the down side, there is a strong medicinal tastes that appears up front which can be unpleasant.

28 results - showing 26 - 28 1 2 3 4 5 6
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