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1660 Mulled Wine Recipe

1660 Mulled Wine
Mulled Wine with Apple and Cinnamon
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1660 Mulled Wine

In the Middle Ages, people thought mulled wines were good for one's health. That's why they named mulled wines Ypocras or Hipocris, after the ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates. One of the oldest mulled wine recipes that still exists can be found in Robert May's book The Accomplisht Cook from 1660.

Mulled Wine Ingredients from 1660

  • 1 gallon wine
  • 3oz cinnamon
  • 2oz ginger, sliced
  • 1/4oz cloves
  • 1oz mace
  • 20 peppercorns
  • 1oz nutmeg
  • 3lb sugar
  • 2qt cream

Mulled Wine Recipe from 1660

"Take a gallon of wine, three ounces of cinnamon, two ounces of slic't ginger, a quarter of an ounce of cloves, an ounce of mace, twenty corns of pepper, an ounce of nutmegs, three pound of sugar, and two quarts of cream."

Robert May instructs us to mix everything in a large pot and heat it up slowly. You can either serve it warm after it has reached the right temperature or let it sit for a few days so the flavors can mix more thoroughly, then serve it cold.

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