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Nelson's Blood Champagne Cocktail

Nelson's Blood is a champagne cocktail created from an unexpected mixture of champagne and tawny port, two entirely different derivations from standard wine. Nelson's Blood is named after Horatio Nelson, a famous British naval officer during the late 18th century.

Admiral Horatio Nelson achieved some spectacular victories during the Napoleanic Wars, most notably the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 where he was killed. Nelson's Blood is a champagne cocktail unlike any other.

Nelson's Blood Ingredients

Ingredients for Nelson's Blood Recipes

  • Dry Champagne or Sparkling Wine
  • Tawny Port

Optional Ingredients for Nelson's Blood

  • Mint Leaves
  • Sugar

Nelson's Blood Preparation

Equipment Needed for Nelson's Blood

  • Champagne Flute
  • Spoon for Stirring

Preparation Time for Nelson's Blood

  • 5 minutes for mixing and serving

Serving Tip: Be sure to chill the champagne or sparkling wine sufficiently in advance.

Nelson's Blood Recipes

Basic Nelson's Blood Recipe

You need:

  • 5oz Dry Champagne or Sparkling Wine
  • 1oz Tawny Port
  • Mint Leaves (optional)
  • Sugar


  • Frost the rim of a champagne flute, if desired.
  • Pour champagne or sparkling wine into champagne flute
  • Add tawny port
  • Gently stir mixture to preserve carbonation.
  • Garnish with mint leaves, if desired.

Mixing Tip: Add a little more tawny port to create a deeper, stronger red color.

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