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Black Velvet or Bismark

Mixing stout beer and champagne may sound unappetizing, but Black Velvet is a popular drink because the beer and champagne compliment each other. Black Velvet is also called a Bismark because it was reportedly a favorite drink of German Chancellor Otto von Bismark.

The Black Velvet was created in 1861 in London while England mourned the death of Prince Albert, the consort of Queen Victoria. A "poor man's" Black Velvet can be created with apple cider or perry instead of champagne.

Black Velvet Ingredients

Ingredients for Black Velvet Recipes

  • Stout Beer (Guinness)
  • Champagne or Sparkling Wine (dry or medium-dry, one bottle)

Optional Ingredients for a Black Velvet

  • Apple Cider
  • Perry

Black Velvet Preparation

Equipment Needed for a Black Velvet

  • Champagne Flute
  • Spoon

Preparation Time for a Black Velvet

  • 5 minutes for mixing and serving

Serving Tip: Sweeter champagnes and sparkling wines don't work as well for this cocktail, so be sure to get at least a medium-dry champagne.

Black Velvet Recipes

Basic Black Velvet Recipe

You need:

  • 5 oz. Stout Beer (chilled)
  • 5 oz. Champagne or Sparkling Wine (chilled)


  • Fill the champagne flute half-way with chilled stout beer
  • Carefully pour the champagne or sparkling wine on top of the beer, taking care to not let the two liquids mix

Mixing Tip: The different densities of the stout beer and the champagne should ensure that they mix very slowly, but it can be easier to keep the separate at the start by pouring the champagne gently over a spoon that is rest bowl-side up across the top of the champagne flute. This causes the champagne to go down the sides of the glass rather than splashing across the top of the stout beer.

Although it's traditional for the stout beer and champagne to remain separate, you reverse the order of the two so that they do mix thoroughly. This is commonly done when creating a large batch of Black Velvet in a single pitcher.

Poor Man's Black Velvet Recipe

The Poor Man's Black Velvet is also sometimes know as a "Mud and Blood" in England.

You need:

  • 5 oz. Stout Beer (chilled)
  • 5 oz. Apple Cider or Perry (chilled)


  • Fill the champagne flute half-way with apple cider or perry
  • Carefully pour the stout beer on top, being sure not to let the two liquids mix

Mixing Tip: Take note of the fact that while in a traditional Black Velvet the stout beer is on the top, in a "poor man's Black Velvet the stout beer is on the bottom.


How to Make a Black Velvet Champagne Cocktail

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