White Wine Temperature Guide Hot

White Wine Temperature Guide

Serving white wine at the right temperature can be more important to getting the most out of a wine than just about any other factor. Serving white wine that's too warm or too cold can make even the best wine taste bad while mediocre wines can really shine if you hit just the right temperature spot. The basic rule of thumb is to serve white wines at lower temperatures and red wines at slightly higher temperatures. Sparkling wines are served the coldest while ports and fortified wines are served the warmest.

Best Serving Temperature for White Wines

Different wine guides will give slightly different temperature ranges; the ranges listed here are slightly broad to encompass the most varieties of white wines.


White Wine Temperature Guide

Wine Type °F °C
Inexpensive, Sweet Wines:
Muscat, Muscadelle
48-54 9-12
White Table Wines:
Chenin Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc
45-58 7-14
Complex White Wines:
Good Chardonnay
55-60 12-15
Good Dessert Wines:
55-60 12-15


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