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Côt, Malbek, Cahors, Fer, Auxerrois

Malbec grapes originated in France and play a big role in the wine production of Argentina. The flavors and aromas of wines made from Malbec grapes include blackberry, cherry, plums, and chocolate. Other characteristics of Malbec wines include inky-black coloring, soft or high tannins, and high acidity.

Malbec wines aren't as popular as wines made from other red grape varieties, but their popularity is growing as wine drinkers seek out new and different wine experiences.

Malbec continues to be used in the creation of Bordeaux blends in France because it provides both strong color and strong tannins but as a varietal in Argentina it produces much softer tannins and stronger fruit flavors. For a time Argentinian wine growers replaced most of their old Malbec vines with vines of more "marketable" grapes, but now that the rest of the world has discovered how good Malbec varietal wines can be Argentinia is back in the Malbec wine production business.


Types of Red Wine : Malbec Wine Facts

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