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Grenache / Garnacha
Grenache / Garnacha Wine Grapes
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Spanish Red, Rioja, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Chateau Rayas, Alicante, Cannonau

Grenache grapes originated in Spain where it is called Garnacha, but Grenache is the name by which the grapes and resulting wine are most commonly known. Grenache wines have flavors and aromas of strong fruit, raspberries, and a bit of spice.

Other characteristics of wines made from Grenache grapes include weak colors, soft tannins, and high alcohol content. Grenache tends to be most closely associated with the southern French region of Rhone where it is grown widely.

Although Grenache are red grapes which produce a red wine, the wine itself is so pale that it is commonly mixed with much darker wines. Grenache also tends to be rather low in flavor while being high in alcohol, two more good reasons for blending with other grape varieties. It is, however, possible to create red wines from Grenache grapes that have good color, complex flavor, and interesting texture.

Grenache Blanc

Grenache is known as a red grape which produces red wine, but there is also a white variant known as Grenache Blanc. Planted in both France and Spain, Grenache Blanc grapes can make a nice, full-bodied white wine.

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soft tannins low flavor intensity velvety

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Grenache - A Celebration

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