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Syrah / Shiraz
Syrah / Shiraz Wine Grapes
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Grape Facts

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Alternative Names
Hermitage, Schiras, Syra, Syrac

Syrah grapes, known as Shiraz in Australia, produce full-bodied, long-lived, fruity wines. Syrah/Shiraz flavors and aromas include peppers, berries, currants, and even chocolate. Syrah grapes originated in France's Rhone valley and their use in wines is traced back to the Romans and Greeks. Syrah is usually bottled alone as a varietal wine but can be blended with other grapes like Cabernet and Grenache. Syrah wines have some of the strongest, most distinctive flavors and aromas of any red wine.

Syrah Aromas

Syrah Flavors

Syrah Character Profile

full body tart acidity hard tannins

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Types of Red Wine : Shiraz Wine Facts

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