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Wine Cocktails Recipes

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Death in the Afternoon

Ernest Hemingway is credited with creating this champagne cocktail, named "Death in the Afternoon" after one of his books. Hemingway himself contributed the basic Death in the Afternoon cocktail to a 1935 book of celebrity recipes: “Pour one jigger absinthe into a Champagne glass.

Add iced Champagne until it attains the proper opalescent milkiness. Drink three to five of these slowly.” Given the interaction between champagne bubbles and the absinthe, you probably don't want to go over five!

Flirtini Champagne Cocktail

The Flirtini is a champagne cocktail recipe made famous by the HBO series Sex and the City.

Although the cosmopolitan cocktail has been more closely associated with Sex and the City Flirtinis prepared in pitchers became popular with people getting together to watch the show together.

The basic Flirtini recipe is just vodka, champagne or sparkling wine, and pineapple juice.

A fancy Fliritini includes fresh pineapple and Cointreau.


Mimosas are associated very strongly with Mother's Day and brunches. It may be that more mimosas are drunk on Mother's Day than any other day of the year. Nevertheless, a mimosa is a great wine cocktail for any special occasion and any time of the day.

There is just something about the bubbly texture of champagne or sparkling wine combined with the fruity, sweet flavors of orange juice — when combined in champagne flute, the mimosa is almost irresistible.


The Bellini is a famous champagne cocktail created by Giuseppe Cipriani, proprietor of Harry's Bar in Venice.

Cipriani named his drink after Giovanni Bellini, his favorite Italian painter, because the color of the champagne cocktail matched the color Bellini used in one of his paintings for a saint's toga.

The Bellini has become one of the most famous and popular of all wine cocktails or champagne cocktails. It's also difficult to make because of the scarcity of pureed peaches.

Kir Royale

A Kir Royale (Kir Royal) is a pre-dinner apertif made popular in France after World War II.

There are a variety of Kir Royale recipes but all are made with two basic ingredients: champagne and creme de cassis (black currant liqueur).

The variations on recipes all have to do with strength: some like their Kir Royale to be stronger and sweeter while others prefer a softer, milder flavor.

20 results - showing 16 - 20 1 2 3 4
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