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Wine Cocktails Recipes

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German Glühwein

Glühwein is the name for mulled wines in German-speaking countries. You can get Glühwein in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and few other German-speaking areas. Glühwein is exceptionally popular during the Christmas holidays and is commonly served in outdoor Christmas markets along with a variety of other holiday foods and hand-made crafts.

These Christmas markets have tents that have been set up for so people can sit down and get warm while sipping hot German Glühwein as a break from Christmas shopping. For Germans, Glühwein is an integral part of the Christmas experience.

Victorian Mulled Wine

The basic idea behind mulled wines goes back to the Middle Ages, but what we know as mulled wines can be traced back to the Victorian Era. It was here that combinations of spices, citrus, and red wine were used to create drinks that we'd not only recognize as mulled wine, but would find familiar in taste as well.

Still, Victorian mulled wines were a little different from the current versions.

Sloe Mulled Wine

Mulled wines are red wines infused with spices and fruit; sloe gin is gin infused with red sloe berries. The best sloe gin recipes include cinnamon and cloves which are also used in making mulled wines. So what better combination than to bring together sloe gin and mulled wine — especially since many mulled wine recipes include the option of adding liqueur?

Sloe Mulled Wine has a bit more alcohol and a bit more of a kick than regular mulled wine, but it can also have a richer flavor as well.


There's a certain glamour to both cocktails and champagne, so it's no surprise that glamorous stars like Marilyn Monroe have come to be associated with champagne cocktails — and that some champagne cocktails have been named after stars, including Marilyn Monroe.

The Marilyn Monroe champagne cocktail is made from a base of champagne or sparkling wine, some apple brandy (or regular brandy and apple juice, if you have no apple brandy), and a dash of Grenadine syrup.


Southern-style cocktails tend to incorporate southern flavors and southern ingredients, creating cocktail that are a little bit out of the ordinary — and the Southern Belle Champagne Cocktail is no exception.

Combining Amaretto and Apricot Brandy with dry Champagne or sparkling wine, the Southern Belle is not your average Champagne Cocktail. This will be a good chance to get some of these ingredients for use in other cocktails as well, assuming you don't use them all up with champagne.

20 results - showing 6 - 10 1 2 3 4
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