Bacon Sandwiches Cure Hangovers

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Sizzling Bacon

Sizzling Bacon
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Is there anything bacon can't do? I'm not sure anymore because apparently bacon can cure hangovers. That's right, if you wake up in the morning with a headache and feeling a bit unwell after the previous night's festivities — kegger, wine tasting, whatever — then a nice bacon sandwich may be just what you need. That's assuming you can bring yourself to make one. Or if you have someone who will take pity on you and make one for you.

How can bacon — or to be specific, bacon sandwiches — cure hangovers? According to Elin Roberts, of Newcastle University's Centre for Life, any food will speed up your metabolism and thus help you deal with hangovers. Bacon sandwiches, though, are special...

"Bread is high in carbohydrates and bacon is full of protein, which breaks down into amino acids. Your body needs these amino acids, so eating them will make you feel good. ...Bingeing on alcohol depletes neurotransmitters too, but bacon contains a high level of aminos which tops these up, giving you a clearer head."

Researchers also found a complex chemical interaction in the cooking of bacon produces the winning combination of taste and smell which is almost irresistible. The reaction between amino acids in the bacon and reducing sugars in the fat is what provides the sandwich with its appeal.

Ms Roberts said: "The smell of sizzling bacon in a pan is enough to tempt even the staunchest of vegetarians. There's something deeper going on inside. It's not just the idea of a tasty snack. There is some complex chemistry going on.

Source: Telegraph

I wonder if eating bacon sandwiches while you're still drinking alcohol the night before would help you avoid hangovers? I know that drinking plenty of other fluids, taking extra vitamins, and even popping a couple of pain killers can do a lot to stave off any unpleasant aftereffects before they get started, but a bacon sandwich or two would be a pleasant addition to the list!

Ready-made bacon that just has to be heated in the microwave will make bacon sandwiches a lot easier to prepare, but sizzling bacon in a frying pan also adds a lot to the experience, as Elin Roberts describes in her interview. The smell of bacon being fried makes us hungry — a necessary precondition if we're going to eat something when we're feeling so bad. That's why having help in the morning would be welcome.

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