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If you live on a calorie restricted diet, where you consume about half the normal calories, you may live a lot longer. You probably won't enjoy life, but you'll live. What if you could achieve the same effect by drinking red wine? Perhaps you can, in which case you might be able to enjoy the extra life you'd get!

According to USA Today, resveratrol may lower your metabolism and reduce insulin resistance, among other health benefits:

Animal studies have previously found that resveratrol reduces insulin resistance and protects against the bad effects of a high-fat diet. This is similar to what happens when people restrict the number of calories they take in, which has been shown to delay the onset of age-related diseases, the Dutch researchers say.

"Now we have shown for the first time that resveratrol works in humans. It opens the avenue for more research to see if it could be helpful in people with type 2 diabetes," said lead researcher Patrick Schrauwen from Maastricht University in the Netherlands.

"This is very positive news," he added. "We need further studies, but I would advise people to use resveratrol."

The amount of resveratrol required to achieve these health benefits was 150 milligrams. That might not sound like a lot, but you'd have to drink two gallons of red wines each day in order to get that resveratrol. Just getting the resveratrol, though, seems to be really healthy: lower metabolic rate, less fat around the liver, lower blood pressure, and lower blood sugar. If you want to lose weight, a higher metabolism is better — but a slower metabolism seems to be linked to longer life.

The study was done with men who where already obese — men who you'd normally want to have an higher metabolism so they'd burn off more calories. The lower metabolism from resveratrol, however, suggests that their cells are working more efficiently. Maybe that will mean slower weight loss, but ultimately weight that is kept off in the end — and one of the big problems with losing weight is the ability to keep it off.

Somehow I doubt that drinking two gallons of red wine would achieve the same positive health benefits. Your liver might lose some fat, but then it would explode!

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