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Wine Tasting - How to Taste & Appreciate Wine

Many are intimidated by wine tasting because they don't understand the proper way to taste wine and/or imagine that the process of tasting wine is too complex. Proper wine tasting requires some practice because it requires something few people do: becoming conscious of the sights, smells, and tastes they are experiencing. Most food and drink is more complex than we realize because we simply don't slow down and pay attention to it. Learning how to taste wine will give you a new appreciation for how to taste your food generally, thus enhancing the experience of both.
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Wine Lover vs Wine Geek vs Wine Snob

People who love wine want to be knowledgeable about wine — and perhaps hopefully, share that knowledge with others. This makes sense, not just because people behave this way with so many subjects, but also because wine is a subject where increased knowledge really can increase one's appreciation for and enjoyment of it. Put another way, the more you know about wine, the more you can appreciate and enjoy wine. Unfortunately, wine is also a subject where knowledge and "sharing" can go too far.

How We Review Wines

With all the different wine reviews and tasting notes here, you deserve to know how we choose our wines, what our procedures are for reviewing wines, and the reasoning behind our evaluations. This will help you know how much credence or weight you should give to our reviews. We try to be as open and forthright as possible with what we say, so feel free to ask any questions you have.

Problems with Wine Tasting Notes & Scores

Everywhere you look and see discussions about wine, you are sure to find wine tasting notes and wine scores. There isn't a wine review out there that doesn't include tasting notes about the wine and some sort of score for the wine. Even this site has plenty of tasting notes and something similar to a wine score, though it's not a score in the usual sense. You shouldn't always pay too much attention to either, though, because wine tasting notes and wine scores aren't always the best way to be introduced to a new wine.

8 results - showing 6 - 8 1 2
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