Wine Basics - Introduction to Wine, Wine Drinking

Wine Basics - Introduction to Wine, Wine Drinking

Do you know what wine is, how wine is made, or what differentiates one wine from another? You don't need to be a wine expert to enjoy wine, but knowing more about it can enhance your wine-drinking experience. Learning the basics about wine will help you to pick out better wines, pair wines with better food, and better understand the experience. You'll also be able to impress your friends!
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How to Learn More About Wine

There are lots of people who enjoy drinking wine and most of these same people would also probably like to know at least a little bit more about the wines that they drink — but they don't. Why? In many cases, people seem to be intimidated by the world of wines and wine culture. Given the complexity of wine culture and snobbery associated with it, it's not hard to understand why people might feel intimidated — but it's not necessary. Learning more about wine isn't hard and can greatly expand your horizons.

Choosing Wines at a Wine Store

Even if you find a great wine merchant near you, you'll still be faced with choosing the right wines whenever you go there. This might seem like a daunting task, even to someone who knows a bit about wines, but making intelligent wine choices out of a huge wine selection isn't as difficult as it sounds. There's no magic, just a bit of common sense, some preparation, and a willingness to take chances.

Picking the Best Wine Glasses

Yes, wine glasses really can make a big difference in how wine tastes. In principle, you can use anything to drink wine out of and if you're drinking especially cheap wine, it's unlikely that your choice of glass will make much difference. To really get the most out of good wine, though, you should pick your wine glass with care and attention. The more care you give to buying and tasting wine, the more care you should give to having the right wine glasses.

Wine Racks for Storing Wine

Unless you have a specially designed wine cooler, you'll need some sort of rack system to hold your wines in your wine storage area because wine is best stored lying on its side. Fortunately, just about every type of rack system is (more or less) equally good in terms of how well it protects your wines. So long as you ensure that your wine racks are stable, the choice of racks will be determined by quality, convenience, price, and aesthetics.

Wine Serving Temperature Guide

Serving wine at the right temperature can be more important to getting the most out of a wine than just about any other factor. Serving wine that's too warm or too cold can make even the best wine taste bad while mediocre wines can really shine if you hit just the right temperature spot. The basic rule of thumb is to serve white wines at lower temperatures and red wines at slightly higher temperatures. Sparkling wines are served the coldest while ports and fortified wines are served the warmest.

50 results - showing 16 - 20 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
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