Wine Basics - Introduction to Wine, Wine Drinking

Wine Basics - Introduction to Wine, Wine Drinking

Do you know what wine is, how wine is made, or what differentiates one wine from another? You don't need to be a wine expert to enjoy wine, but knowing more about it can enhance your wine-drinking experience. Learning the basics about wine will help you to pick out better wines, pair wines with better food, and better understand the experience. You'll also be able to impress your friends!
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Wine Bottle Capsules

What is the foil thing covering the top of the wine bottle? That's the capsule. Before you can take the cork out of a bottle of wine, you have to get through the capsule covering that wineries place over the tops of their wine bottles. Traditionally the capsules have been metallic, but it's now common to use cellophane and other materials as well. Capsules serve two purposes, one practical and one aesthetic: they keep the corks clean and they look better than bare cork.


Does Twitter offer anything for wine drinkers and wine fans? The internet is all a-twitter about Twitter, a social networking platform that has been described as multi-player instant-messenger, IRC for people with short attention spans, and quite a bit worse. Most discussions about Twitter are focused on what good it is, so what good is twitter if you're interested in wine, wine drinking, and the wine industry? There's quite a bit to tweet about wine, fact, if you use Twitter right.

Screwpull Corkscrews

A little more complicated than the traditional waiter's corkscrew, the Screwpull is probably the best alternative corkscrew available. Screwpull is a trademarked name for a patented design created by Dr. Herbert Allen in the 1980s and many have found that the Screwpull can be the easiest and most efficient means for removing a cork from a wine bottle. A key selling point for the Screwpull is that just about anyone can use it with great effectiveness, without the need for any real practice.

Corkscrew Types

It may be due to the increasing popularity of wine, but there are many more types of corkscrews available today than there were a couple of decades ago. All claim to make a difficult task easier and some just appear designed to look fancy. Although there have been some genuinely new and creative ideas when it comes to removing corks from wine bottles, the basic process today is the same as it has been for as long as corks have been used to seal wine bottles. In the end, the traditional method of removing corks from bottles remains one of the best.

Waiter's Corkscrew

The waiter's corkscrew is the old, traditional, standard corkscrew. It's used by waiters all around the world when serving wine at restaurants and can be purchased cheaply in almost any wine or kitchen store. The waiter's corkscrew is reminiscent of a pocket knife or Swiss Army knife: on one side is a fold-out spiral screw and on the other a fold-out knife for removing the foil capsule. Covering the screw is a fulcrum arm to help lever the cork out. Some models have a bottle-cap remover as well.

50 results - showing 46 - 50 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
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