Red Wines FAQ - Choosing & Serving Red Wines

Red Wines FAQ - Choosing & Serving Red Wines

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What Is Red Wine?

Red wines are produced by mixing the dark grape skins with colorless grape juice for a portion of the fermentation process. Red wines tend to be dryer, stronger, and more complex than white wines. Red wines are perhaps more closely associated with the very concept of wine than whites because the red color of red wines so closely matches the color of grapes. If you want to learn about wines, you need to learn about how red wines taste, how they smell, and what foods red wines pair best with.

What Kinds of Red Wine Are There?

There are many different types of red wine, each with their own characteristic flavors and aromas. Learning how these varieties of red wine differ, and how their flavors, aromas, and other characteristics work, will help you pick the best red wines for any situation. Grape variety isn't the only influence on a wine's flavor, though, so you should also be familiar with the red wine styles — the different ways vintners create their red wines.

What Does Red Wine Taste Like?

It's easier to appreciate and understand the tastes of red wines if you are familiar with the sorts of flavors normally associated with red wines. The flavors and aromas people identify in a red wine are not precise, because no one adds pepper, licorice, or leather to red wine while making it. Instead people identify flavors and aromas based on what they are reminded of while tasting the wine. This is why it helps to know what you might be looking for by being familiar with red wine flavors and aromas.

How Do I Serve Red Wine?

Choosing a good red wine isn't helpful if you serve it poorly. Good wines can be undermined by being served poorly while mediocre wines can really shine if served correctly. Knowing how to best serve red wines depends most upon the choice of wine glass and the temperature of the wine. The correct temperature allows the wine's flavors and aromas to come out best without being overpowered by acidity or alcohol. The correct wine glass allows you to best experience those flavors and aromas.

What is Rosé Wine?

A rosé wine is wine made from red-skinned grapes where the grape juice has only been in contact with the red skins long enough (usually two or three days) to give the wine a slight coloring. A rosé wine is a wine that could have been made as a red wine, but the wine maker decided to create a lighter wine instead — not just lighter in color, but also lighter in flavors, aromas, and tannins. The color of a rosé wine can range from just barely pink to dark and coppery.

5 results - showing 1 - 5
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