Wine Basics - Introduction to Wine, Wine Drinking Wine 101 - Introduction to the World of Wine

Wine 101 - Introduction to the World of Wine

What is wine? How is wine made? Everyone knows about wine, but not everyone knows all the basic information about wine. The world of wine not only has its own history, but also its own language and traditions. You don't need to know any of this in order to drink or appreciate wine, but knowledge of wine history and production can certainly enhance your appreciation for wine.
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What Is Wine? How Is Wine Made?

Wine is both simple and complex. Wine is simple because very little is needed to make wine — it's created by a natural process that occurs all around us. Wine is also complex because we can influence this process in many different ways, allowing us to produce many different kinds of wines. So wine is simple, but we choose to make wine complex because simple isn't interesting enough.

Getting Started with Wine

Everyone has to start somewhere to learn more about wine. You've probably already been drinking wine, but there is a difference between casual wine consumption and an organized, intentional effort to learn about what wine is, how wines taste, and when wines are best drunk. You can continue drinking wines in a casual manner, enjoying them for what they are in the moment, or you can add to your knowledge of wine and thereby expand how you enjoy wine. Knowledge is not only power, but also pleasure.

How to Learn More About Wine

There are lots of people who enjoy drinking wine and most of these same people would also probably like to know at least a little bit more about the wines that they drink — but they don't. Why? In many cases, people seem to be intimidated by the world of wines and wine culture. Given the complexity of wine culture and snobbery associated with it, it's not hard to understand why people might feel intimidated — but it's not necessary. Learning more about wine isn't hard and can greatly expand your horizons.

Don't be Intimidated by Wine

Have you ever felt intimidated by the culture of wine, wine drinking, and wine production? Have you ever felt that there was just so much to learn that you couldn't possibly know were to start, much less learn enough to be useful, so why even bother?

Well, you're not alone in this. Lots of people have enjoyed wine enough to want to know more, but have also been so intimidated by wine that they were afraid to start — but you don't need to feel intimidated. It's not hard to learn enough to expand your horizons.

Why Wine & Grape Varieties Matter

Wine wouldn't be nearly as interesting or enjoyable if all wines tasted basically the same. The most important factor which determines differences in how wines taste is the type of grape used to produce the wine. Many wines sold around the world are sold based on what sort of variety grape it was made from, so a knowledge of the flavors and aromas produced by different grape varieties is indispensable when making decisions about which wines to buy in which circumstances.

11 results - showing 1 - 5 1 2 3
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