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How and Why Should I Decant My Wine?

Decanting wine can be a nice part of the wine serving ritual and is something many think about when they think about serving fine wine. Not all wines need to be decanted, though. Wine only needs to be decanted if it is a red wine that has formed a sediment in the bottle while aging for several years. The sediment in red wine helps give it character and complexity, but you don't want to that sediment in your wine glass when you drink. Decant your wine in advance to eliminate the sediment

Why Is There Sediment in Wine?

Why do some wines have sediment and is wine sediment dangerous? Are there different kinds of sediment in wine? Put simply sediment can form naturally in wine both during the fermentation process and while maturing in a bottle. Some wines are more likely to develop sediment and some wines will almost never form sediment. Wine sediment isn't harmful and can be perceived as a sign of wine's quality, but you will normally want to separate sediment from wine before serving and drinking.

2 results - showing 1 - 2
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