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Ordering Wine - How to Order Wine in Restaurants

The world of wine is so large and complex that many feel intimidated when put on the spot to order wine in a restaurant or buy wine in a store. There are so many choices, how can a person possibly decide on the right wine to buy? The truth is that ordering and buying wine is not quite as difficult as it appears. Buying the right sort of wine just requires thinking in advance about what you'll be doing with the wine.
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Wine & Cork Presentation Rituals

As if people weren't already intimidated enough by wine generally and ordering wine in restaurants, their wine is usually served in what appears to be a needlessly complex ritual that almost seems designed to make a person either feel like an ignorant outsider or a snobbish insider. Yes, there is a bit of ritual involved with serving wine but each part of this wine ritual serves a purpose — generally to help ensure that you get the right wine and enjoy your wine experience. Learn to enjoy the wine ritual along with your wine.

6 results - showing 6 - 6 1 2
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