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Ordering Wine - How to Order Wine in Restaurants

The world of wine is so large and complex that many feel intimidated when put on the spot to order wine in a restaurant or buy wine in a store. There are so many choices, how can a person possibly decide on the right wine to buy? The truth is that ordering and buying wine is not quite as difficult as it appears. Buying the right sort of wine just requires thinking in advance about what you'll be doing with the wine.
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Just because bringing your own bottle of wine to a restaurant is getting more popular doesn't automatically make it a good idea — not every popular trend is wise. In this case, though, the crowd is on to something: BYOB wine can be a very good idea. There are several reasons why you should consider a BYOB wine evening the next time you eat out at a good restaurant. By bringing your own wine, you'll save money, get a particular wine you like, and may have a better overall wine experience.

BYOB Wine Dos & Don'ts

It's more popular than ever to bring your own bottle of wine to restaurants when dining out, but if you are seriously considering a BYOB wine evening at a local restaurant, there are some important issues you need to consider first. There are things you need to do in advance and things you need to remember not to do if you want have to have a successful, enjoyable evening pairing one of your wines with a nice restaurant meal. There are also things you absolutely, positively must not do!

Understanding Wine in Restaurants

If you're going to order wine in a restaurant, it will help to understand how restaurants sell wine. The better you understand the restaurant's perspective on wine, presenting wine, and selling wine, the more informed your wine choices will be. Ordering wine in a restaurant really is different, but it's still wine that you're buying so everything else you've learned about wine will help a lot as well.

Reading Restaurant Wine Lists

Ordering wine in a restaurant is centered around the restaurant's wine list. Unless you can understand the wine list, you'll never be able to make an informed decision about which wine to order. Unfortunately, wine lists sometimes appear designed to make the choice more difficult, not easier. Ordering wine from a restaurant's wine list isn't for the faint-hearted, but it also isn't too difficult once you get the hang of it.

Ordering Wine in Restaurants

Once you've gotten the wine list and have reviewed it so you know its organization, how do you actually order the right wine? Perhaps the real question is how to order a decent wine without paying too much and without looking ignorant? There's a lot of pressure on you if people are looking to you to pick a wine, but it's not too difficult to make a relaxed, informed decision from a restaurant wine list — or at least appear to being do so, and isn't that what counts?

6 results - showing 1 - 5 1 2
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