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A little more complicated than the traditional waiter's corkscrew, the Screwpull is probably the best alternative corkscrew available. Screwpull is a trademarked name for a patented design created by Dr. Herbert Allen in the 1980s and many have found that the Screwpull can be the easiest and most efficient means for removing a cork from a wine bottle. A key selling point for the Screwpull is that just about anyone can use it with great effectiveness, without the need for any real practice.

How to Use the Screwpull

  • Place the Screwpull over the top of the wine bottle, with the screw centered on the cork
  • Grasp plastic housing of the Screwpull firmly against the wine bottle
  • Turn the handle of the Screwpull clockwise
  • Once the screw is fully embedded in the cork, keep turning counterclockwise
  • To remove the cork from the screw, hold it while turning the handle counterclockwise

Automatic Screwpull

If the above is still too complicated, the Screwpull can be found in an automatic version which is even simpler:

  • Place the automatic Screwpull over the wine bottle
  • Pull the lever

The screw enters the cork which is then removed from the bottle in a single move. Pulling the lever a second time causes the cork to come off the screw.

Advantages of the Screwpull:

  • Simple to use
  • Doesn't require much strength or skill
  • Can be used with most types of corks

Disadvantages of the Screwpull:

  • Many are made of plastic, which is more fragile than metal corkscrews
  • More expensive that the waiter's corkscrew, especially metal versions of the Screwpull
  • If the screw becomes detached, it presents a hazard
  • Requires narrow bottle tops, so work poorly (if at all) with flange-top wine bottles
  • A little larger and more cumbersome than the waiter's corkscrew

Bottom Line

The Screwpull will make sense for a lot of people because it's easy to use and effective at removing corks without much fuss. Whereas other corkscrews may make it easy for you to look bad when removing a cork from a bottle of wine, the Scrwepull should make it easy for you to just get the job done. Nevertheless, there are enough disadvantages that it may not be wise to rely upon it entirely. At the very least you should have one corkscrew that works in a different way, like the Ah-So two pronged corkscrew.


How to use a Screwpull Lever Wine Opener

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