Ah-So, California's Two-Pronged Corkscrew Hot

One popular corkscrew isn't actually a corkscrew at all because there is no "screw" part to it. Upon initial examination, it can be difficult to understand how it's supposed to remove corks from wine bottles at all, leading some to think that the name "Ah-So" comes from the reaction people have once they see how it works — and it does work well, though not consistently enough to warrant using as your standard cork remover.

How to the Two-Pronged Ah-So Corkscrew:

  • Grasp the wine bottle firmly by the neck
  • Gently insert the longer prong between the cork and the bottle
  • Insert the shorter prong on the other side of the cork
  • Work the two prongs down along either side of the cork in a back-and-forth motion
  • Once both prongs are fully inserted, pull and twist to remove the cork

Advantages of the Ah-So Corkscrew:

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to store
  • Safe to carry in your pocket
  • Relatively quick to use once you get the method right
  • Provides an intact cork for reinsertion or use elsewhere
  • Best if not only means for removing dried, crumbling corks
  • Best if not only means for removing corks when a traditional corkscrew has failed while chewing up the center of the cork

Disadvantages of the Ah-So Corkscrew:

  • Won't work well or at all with loose corks
  • You have to be careful not to push the cork into the bottle
  • Can be difficult to use
  • Requires more care and finesse than other cork removers

Bottom Line

Although this probably isn't the best choice for removing corks from wine bottles all the time, it does offer advantages that cannot be found in other corkscrews. Since it is also very inexpensive, there's no reason not to have one around just in case you hit a difficult situation — and if you open many wine bottles, you will eventually have one happen to you. Just remember to invest a little time practicing with it so that when a situation arises, you don't make matters worse by using the Ah-So corkscrew poorly.


How to Correctly Use an Ah-So Corkscrew (2 Prong)

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