Twin Lever, Wing-Type Corkscrew Hot

Twin Lever, Wing-Type Corkscrew
Twin-Lever Corkscrew
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One of the most popular and common corkscrews today uses two levers set in a wing formation to wrench the cork up out of the wine bottle. It's much larger than the average corkscrew and has a lot of moving parts, but many people feel that it works better than other types of corkscrews because it allows them to use the strength from both hands while the wine bottle sits on the table or counter. The truth, though, is that on average the twin-lever corkscrew is inferior to most other options for opening wine.

How to use the Twin-Lever Corkscrew:

  • Place the wine bottle on a solid, stable surface
  • Position the corkscrew above the wine bottle, with the tip of the screw centered on the cork
  • While holding the corkscrew, twist the handle until the screw is fully embedded in the cork
  • Grasp both levers and push down, lifting the cork out of the bottle
  • Twist the cork to remove it from the corkscrew

Not every twin-lever corkscrew is the same. Metal ones are preferable to wooden ones — wood may look good, but isn't as strong and durable. These corkscrews also work much better if they come with a broad, helix style screw than if they have a narrow, auger style.

Advantages of the Twin-Lever Corkscrew:

  • Great for people lacking a strong grip to hold the bottle
  • Great for people lacking enough strength in one hand to remove the cork

Disadvantages of the Twin-Lever Corkscrew:

  • Much larger than standard corkscrews
  • More complicated and thus has more points for possible failure
  • Screw tends to be too short

Bottom Line

All corkscrews have advantages and disadvantages, but for most people there really isn't enough of a balance here for it to be worth using. If you have carpel tunnel syndrome or some other problem which causes you to have a weak grip or other problems with pulling out corks, this is may be your best option. Otherwise, you should probably skip it in favor of one of the other types.


How to Open Wine With a Lever Opener

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