Wine Basics - Introduction to Wine, Wine Drinking


  • Wine 101 - Introduction to the World of Wine
    What is wine? How is wine made? Everyone knows about wine, but not everyone knows all the basic information about wine. The world of wine not only has its own history, but also its own language and traditions. You don't need to know any of this in order to drink or appreciate wine, but knowledge of wine history and production can certainly enhance your appreciation for wine.
  • Ordering Wine - How to Order Wine in Restaurants
    The world of wine is so large and complex that many feel intimidated when put on the spot to order wine in a restaurant or buy wine in a store. There are so many choices, how can a person possibly decide on the right wine to buy? The truth is that ordering and buying wine is not quite as difficult as it appears. Buying the right sort of wine just requires thinking in advance about what you'll be doing with the wine.
  • Opening & Serving Wine - How to Open & Serve Wine
    If you already have some wine, what's the best way to open and serve your wine without looking like a klutz? There is so much grace and culture traditionally associated with wine that some people are afraid of looking foolish when serving it, as if they are going to commit some wine faux pas. Wine is meant to be enjoyed, so this isn't something to waste a lot of time worrying about, but if you are concerned with making the best impression there are a few things to learn about the best ways to open and serve your wine to guests.
  • Buying Wine - Where & How to Buy the Right Wine
    How can you buy the right wine for the right situations? How can you choose the right wine merchant or store where you can find not only good wines but also reliable advice about wines? Choosing and buying the right wines isn't difficult if you plan in advance and understand what you are looking for.
  • Wine Glasses - Choosing the Right Wine Glass
    Wine Glass in Red
    Wine Glass in Red;
    Photo © Logan Cyrus
    Glassware is almost an entire world unto itself, with so many different options, styles, and prices to choose from. For casual drinking, you can use almost anything and still enjoy your wine, but if you are serious about tasting and appreciating wine there are a few characteristics which make some wine glasses superior to others.

    You don't have to spend a lot of money for good wine glasses, but some of the best can be pricey.


  • Wine Tasting - How to Taste & Appreciate Wine
    Many are intimidated by wine tasting because they don't understand the proper way to taste wine and/or imagine that the process of tasting wine is too complex. Proper wine tasting requires some practice because it requires something few people do: becoming conscious of the sights, smells, and tastes they are experiencing. Most food and drink is more complex than we realize because we simply don't slow down and pay attention to it. Learning how to taste wine will give you a new appreciation for how to taste your food generally, thus enhancing the experience of both.
  • Wine Storage - Racks for Storing Wine
    Although wine can often have a strong, full, hearty taste the truth is that wine is generally a delicate substance, easily ruined or distressed if stored improperly. It's possible to be too obsessive about one's wine storage conditions, but in general most people are probably too lax about their wine's storage conditions. If you really want to get the most out of your wine, and especially if you have spent very much on your wine, you need to pay more attention to the conditions your wine is stored in.

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